Team Call Out list member Jess Ellsmore uses her Team Casualty Care skills to assist an injured cyclist

All our Team Call Out list members undergo regular exposure to Casualty Care Training within the teams routine training programme.

Virtually our entire current membership also have a valid MREW Casualty Care in Mountain Rescue Certificate, having passed rigorous written and practical examinations following multiple training sessions.

Our Casualty Care skills are not restricted to team operational call outs, and the skills acquired are often put to use in our members work environments and day to day activities when they ‘chance’ across incidents.

Most recently, Steve Fletcher, our Equipment Officer IT and Communications, had to deal with a collapsed woman at his workplace, whilst this evening en route to our weekly training exercise, our youngest Team Call Out list member Jess Ellsmore, chanced across an injured road cyclist, and tended to his injuries.

Her account of this follows as reported by Jess to our Team Leader;

“Hi Garry just letting you know that I helped with a fallen cyclist tonight near Haigh as I was on my way over to training (I was in team kit) I pulled over to help, others had called his wife to come and collect him, as he did not apparently wish anyone to call an Ambulance, whilst we waited for her to arrive I checked him over and suspect that he had a broken collar bone but no other apparent injuries. I managed to put a triangular bandage on him and give him some painkillers to try and relive his pain. When his wife arrived she promised that she would get him checked out straight away. Jess.”