Incident 24/2014

Early this morning our Mountain Rescue Trailing Dog Handler Steve Nelson, who is also a member of SARDA Wales, was contacted by NEWSAR Team to assist with his specialist Mountain Rescue Trailing Dog Boris in the search for a missing male in the vicinity of Erddig, Wrexham.

NEWSAR team had been contacted for their assistance in the late hours of Saturday evening 22nd February by North Wales Police, and elements of NEWSAR Team commenced searching in the very early hours on Sunday morning, to be stood down, to then recommence searching later on the same morning.

Cheshire Search and Rescue Team were contacted to lend their support at 07.40hrs this morning, as a wider search area was being planned.

Upon arrival Cheshire SART, with seventeen team members assisting, joined forces with members of NEWSAR Team, as the mornings search developed.

With Steve Nelson and Boris en route to Wrexham, alongside Bolton MRT colleague team member Elaine Gilliland, who acts operationally as Steve’s navigator on incidents of this nature, news was received at circa 10.00hrs that the missing male had been located and the search was suspended, with Steve and Elaine stood down responding to the search RVP.