Team sends representative to GMFRS Water Sourcing Exersise (In relation to Wildfires)

Today between 10.00hrs and 13.00hrs Fire crews from GMFRS Horwich, Farnworth, Bolton Central and Bolton North Fire Stations were engaged on an exercise on the moorlands north of Bolton, in determining water source points, that could be utilised in the event (Actually a common occurrence) of a Wild Fire (Moorland Fire)

Crews were despatched to various moorland RVPs from which they undertook area familiarisation, determining where water might be sourced from with reliability in dry conditions.

This important exercise had as its Organising Officer, GMFRS Watch Manager, Horwich Fire Station, Glyn McGann (A former Bolton MRT member)

(Another GMFRS Officer present was GMFRS Watch Manager, Bolton North Fire Station, Nigel Booth, who is a current Bolton MRT Team Call Out list member, and our Equipment Officer – Medical)

We were invited to send an observer to this exercise, with very experienced Team Call Out list member Chris Tennant attending, in our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance Vehicle BM3.