Team membership news

We are sad to report that team callout list member Ana Toole, who joined the team on 23rd April 2009 has retired from the team operational callout membership due to other commitments.

Ana who works at Royal Bolton Hospital as a Physiotherapist brought a keen sense of humour to the team during her committed and dedicated team service.

Ana will be missed by the team in many different ways. Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE will no longer have her talents as one of our incident loggists and helper with many admin tasks; the team will no longer have Ana’s fantastic cake making talents; and many team members will no longer have the skills of an experienced Physiotherapist on hand to sort out their many woes and ailments!

The entire team membership wishes Ana all the best for her future without a pager, although no doubt we’ll come across her on future team socials and when handing over casualties at the Royal Bolton Hospital A&E Department.

(Please note the team does not currently have any operational membership vacancies)