Update on lecture presentations of Monday 3rd March and Thursday 13th March

On Monday evening 3rd March we welcomed to our Ladybridge Hall Base/HQ, Bolton East Explorer Scouts, who were met by team members Martin Battersby, Nigel Booth (Equipment Officer Medical), Paul Copley, John Dickinson and Naomi Horan.

Judging by the kind comments made on Twitter following their visit the evening was enjoyed by all attending.

On Thursday evening 13th March the Team were keen to welcome to our Base members of 18th Horwich Cub Pack. There they were met by Team members Gill Leigh, Paul Copley, Martin Battersby and Michael Eddleston. 7 Cubs, 3 parents and 2 leaders were given a short talk about the work of the Team and shown a film to demonstrate some of the work we undertake.

Following this the group were taken into the garage to explore the team’s Land Rover Ambulance BM3, including the sirens and flashing blue lights. Next they investigated our stretcher, saw how it gets put together and carried an unsuspecting Cub around base.

Hopefully next time they see Team vehicles in the Horwich area they will give us a wave!

The team is pleased to report the receipt of a kind £20 donation from the 18th Horwich Cub Pack as a result of tonight’s lecture.