Kind donation with thanks for an act of kindness from Team Call Out list member Steve O’Hara

Late this afternoon, whilst returning home from the standby rescue cover of earlier today, Team Call Out list member Steve O’Hara stopped at Sainsbury’s Bolton for some fuel for his vehicle.

Noticing a fellow customer in trouble with a flat tyre, Steve offered to help her change her tyre, unfortunately the spare tyre was also flat!

Steve kindly continued to assist the lady from Farnworth, and ensured that a replacement tyre was sourced from a local tyre distributor (Thanks Thistlewaites from Steve, for your ready assistance in turn)

Steve was in full team kit having gone straight from a team activity, and the lady involved noticing this enquired of the Team and Steve’s role in it.

She then kindly made a £5.00 donation towards the team via Steve, for his helping her.