Theft of team charity collection boxes from Radcliffe

Today the team was made aware of another theft of our charity boxes, and of a collection box owned by another charity, from The Barber Shop, Radcliffe.

A previous theft from the same location was published on our website in August 2013.

The shop is owned by Gary Melia, a Bolton MRT Support Group member. Gary kindly hosts a collection box for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and another for The Children’s Air Ambulance. Both collection boxes, which were secured to the shop by a small cable, were stolen today.

The YouTube videos are below. If you have any information, including information as to the identity of this vile person, then please contact Greater Manchester Police on 101.

In the first video, the thief enters the Barber Shop, sits down and “scopes out” the collection boxes. On finding that they are secured to the premises, he leaves the shop.

He then returns later, this time equipped with a pair of wire cutters. By distracting the employee and masking his actions, the thief is able to remove both collection boxes from the shelving (out of shot) and conceal them under his jacket.

Please help us catch this vile individual. We belive that it is the second time he has stolen from us. It’s quite possible that the Barber Shop is not his only target.