NWAS Greater Manchester request the team’s assistance

During the later stages of our search in Botany Bay Wood this evening, at 20.14hrs we were paged by NWAS (Greater Manchester) Parkway EOC who required our assistance at an incident. Answered by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, the call concerned a male with a possible  fractured leg, in the vicinity of Litherman’s Bridge, Turton Tower, Chapeltown,  with an Ambulance crew on scene requiring MRT assistance.

With many of our members still deployed within search areas on Incident 37, and the distance we were away at this stage from the incident location within our team’s  operational area, our Team Leader in liaison with NWAS EOC stated he would  liaise with Rossendale and Pendle MRT to handle the call on our  behalf.

At  20.18hrs incident details were passed to Deputy Team Leader Andy Simpson of  RPMRT by our Team Leader, with RPMRT being in a position to respond to this  emergency call.

This  course of action was then confirmed back to NWAS EOC.

We  understand from our colleagues at RPMRT that the male involved was a mountain biker, and that during RPMRTs involvement in this incident, they in turn were  called to another incident! This time in their team area, and with their  deployment covering this incident, they in turn requested help of Bowland  Pennine MRT!

Details of both of these incidents can be found on the websites and Facebook pages of RPMRT and BPMRT.


This  request for our team is recorded here for the information and interest of our  readers and does not feature in our Incident Listings.