Team President visits Eccles Probus Club

This morning our President Bob Hutchinson (A former Bolton MRT Team Leader and Chairman) visited Eccles Probus Club, to give a presentation on the work of the Bolton MRT.

Arriving at Elm Bank Masonic Hall, Eccles, in our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance Vehicle, Radio Call Sign ‘Bolton Mobile 3,’ Bob entertained the Probus Club members for their morning meeting.

The following is a personal account of the visit by Bob ;

This morning I visited Eccles Probus Club after first liaising with Colin Morse (who seems to act as their Booking Secretary).

This initial contact established that the Club did not have a DVD playing facility, and so a quick change of plan resulted in me dashing to our Team HQ at Ladybridge Hall to pick up a Land Rover, as I had to have some ‘props’ with me as I can’t talk for 40 minutes about Bolton MRT and Mountain Rescue in general (shame on you for thinking otherwise!).

I had never heard of Probus before and found it was a Club for retired or semi-retired professional or business people.
Some clubs now allow female members, but most are still male clubs.

On arrival I was introduced to Peter Roome (think that’s right), who it turns out is a neighbour of none other than our Chairman, Craig Lamb!

The gathering consisted of around fifteen gentlemen who’s ages seemed to range from about 70 up to, I believe, over 90.

They were a very alert and attentive group of guys and I managed to chat without sending any to sleep.

I described how and why Mountain Rescue was formed in the North West and the early days of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team up to the present day.

After the talk there were many questions from the Club members and we finished up with a trip outside to look over our BM3 Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicle…as one gentleman put it “I’m not missing the chance to push the buttons”

On completion of the visit I was given a wonderful donation of £35.00 to put towards Team funds.

A great group of gentlemen, full of humour and a hint of mischief!