Team member Steve O’Hara attends Multi Agency Introduction to Civil Contingencies Course today

This morning, Team Call Out list member Steve O’Hara attended at the kind invitation of Bolton Council, a day long course regarding Multi Agency Introduction to Civil Contingencies.

This is the sixth time the team has attended this course, the first being 15th June 2010, when our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE attended, followed by the 23rd November 2010 course when our Team Training Officer at the time, Elaine Gilliland and Team Vehicles Officer at the time Chris Greenhalgh attended, Thursday 13th September 2012, when our Catering and Base Officer at the time Chris Tennant attended, Thursday 11th April 2013, when our Team Treasurer Martin Banks attended and Thursday 10th October 2013, when Paul Copley and Nick Berry attended.

Held at the excellent venue of the Education Centre at Royal Bolton Hospital, Bolton, the course attracted many participants from the statutory and voluntary emergency sector and agencies, including very knowledgeable course facilitators and session presenters.

The course objectives included;

  • To understand the context and implications of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and the statutory duties it places on Category 1 and 2 responders.
  • To become familiar with the role of all agencies involved in planning, preparing for and responding to emergencies.
  • To share knowledge and understanding with other local agencies.
  • To learn from previous experiences of responding to emergencies.

The team would like to thank the Civil Contingencies Unit of Bolton Council for yet again very kindly providing us with placements on this valuable and topical course.

A personal account will be provided here shortly by Steve O’Hara of todays course.

Please also see website ‘News’ items dated 15th June 2010, 23rd November 2010, 13th September 2012, 11th April 2013, 21st April 2013 and 10th October 2013.