Bolton Voluntary Agencies Forum; Civil Contingencies meeting attended by team today

This morning our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE with Team member Steve O’Hara present as an observer, attended the bi annual Bolton Voluntary Agencies Forum; Civil Contingencies meeting, held at Bolton Town Hall, co-ordinated and facilitated by Bolton MBC Civil Contingencies Unit.

Attending were representatives from the Emergency Services, Civil Contingencies, Voluntary Aid Groups and Faith based organisations, including Bolton MBC Civil Contingencies Unit, Greater Manchester (AGMA) Civil Contingencies Unit, GMFRS, Bolton MRT, British Red Cross, Raynet, Hindu forum, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, RVS (WRVS as was), Bolton Council of Mosques, Bolton Christian Church Council, with apologies from GMP, the Salvation Army and others.

The next scheduled meeting of this group is on Thursday 13th November 2014.