Fantastic donation from Canon Slade School

Regular readers will recall that on Saturday 22nd March this year, we provided standby rescue cover for the S.I.A.B. Cross Country International Event held and hosted at Canon Slade School, Bradshaw Brow, Bolton. (Please see website ‘News’ report dated the same, and Incident 32, also dated the same)

We are very happy to report today the receipt recently by our Life Vice President Tony McNally, of a kind letter of thanks and a donation from Simon Rees representing Cannon Slade School:

“Dear Tony,

Once again a very big thank you for supporting us at the recent S.I.A.B. Cross Country International By Bolton Mountain Rescue providing the medical resources for all those participating in the event.

It was, as we know, a quite dreadful day (Webmaster ; this refers to the weather !) and the runners did very well to cope with the conditions, especially the Primary school pupils. I understand the wet, cold conditions made things very difficult for some of the runners and it was a good job you and your team were there to make sure there were no disasters.

The fact we can rely on you to support us at an event of this type is really reassuring. I enclose a donation from the school of £250.00 to the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team with our grateful thanks and I’m sure you will continue to support all those events that need your expertise as well as being ready to go out and rescue those who are out in the countryside and get in to difficulty.

My thanks again for your help and support, Kind regards, Simon Rees, Canon Slade School.”

The whole team membership wishes to extend its thanks to Canon Slade School for these kind comments and their thoughtful £250.00 donation to the work of the team.