Further very kind donations received in memory of the late Mrs Eugenie May Jenkins

On Wednesday 26th March 2014, we reported within the ‘News’ section of our website on the receipt by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE in the post of  two very kind donations amounting to £150.00 in memory of the late Mrs Eugenie May Jenkins, who lived in Horwich.

These donations were accompanied by a letter from Mr Andrew Jenkins, the grandson of the late Mrs Jenkins, his letter stated:

“On 16th of March my Nana passed away, she reached 99 years old and lived in Horwich all her life.”

“Eugenie May Jenkins was married to William Henry (Bill) and enjoyed Rivington on a daily basis.”

“We held the funeral yesterday (Webmaster ; Friday 21st March 2014) and asked not for flowers, but donations to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.”

“Although I now live in South Manchester (Webmaster ; Heaton Moor, Stockport) I still enjoy walks / rides up Rivington and Winter Hill.

“I am a member of Bolton Sailing Club, but my young children have put my sailing career on hold.”

“Keep up the good work, cheers, Andy Jenkins, also Ian, Leyanne, Cara, Maeve (Aged 2) and Dora (Aged 5)”

At the time of our report we extended the condolences of the team membership to Andrew (Andy) Jenkins and his family over the loss of his grandmother.

We also extended our sincere thanks at the time to all including Andy Jenkins who contributed to this wonderfully thoughtful total donation of £150.00 in memory of the late Mrs Eugenie May Jenkins.

Today our Team Leader received three further very thoughtful and kind donations to the Bolton MRT, again all to the everlasting memory of the late Mrs Eugenie May Jenkins.

These latest donations, amounting to a total of £60.00, bring all the donations to Bolton MRT in memory of Mrs Eugenie May Jenkins to £210.00.

Once again we offer our belated condolences to the family and friends of the late Eugenie Jenkins, including her son, Mr Ian Jenkins.

This kind and thoughtful support of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team is truly appreciated.