Edgworth 5k / 10k Reservoir Challenge Run and Family Fun Day, Sunday 8th June 2014

Further to our report yesterday of our meeting with the organisers of the Edgworth 5k / 10k scheduled for Sunday 8th June, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received the following email last night from Michelle Ludwig of Enriched Events ;

“Hi Garry, It was a pleasure meeting with you and John today!

Thanks for taking the time to enlighten us.

We are thoroughly impressed with your organisation and we admire your dedication to it (and your handwriting). 🙂 “

Michelle went on in her email to add a little more information which will be of interest to our readers, about this run and Family Fun Day;

“Here is a summary of the event as promised.

The Edgworth 5K / 10K Reservoir Challenge and Family Fun Day is a dual fundraiser event for Mistletoe Cancer UK and The Barlow in Edgworth.

Mistletoe is helping a local woman with terminal cancer to extend her days to reach her goal of seeing her young son begin school in September.

Rowena has truly embraced her fate and taken a positive spin on keeping her memory alive for her son by writing cards for him for every birthday and every milestone in his life.

She’s had heavy media coverage, both locally and nationally, having been on Daybreak recently.

Therefore this particular event is gaining an impressive amount of publicity and we are expecting big numbers, people are coming from far and wide to take part.

The races begin at 11 am and the Fun Day portion begins straight after at The Barlow in Edgworth.

At the Barlow there will be a rock climbing wall, bungee run, water walking balls, bike and rowing challenges, kids races, live music and more! Food, drinks and fun through to 5 pm.

Enter the race at www.runbritain.com (search Edgworth) or directly through www.enrichedevents.co.uk.
If running’s not your thing, come cheer on the participants.

‘Come for the run, and stay for the fun’ Let’s not only come together to raise money, but let’s help create some magical memories for Rowena and her family! “