More Team Search Dog Training to report

Yesterday evening, Thursday 8th May, our Trainee Mountain Rescue Air Scenting Search Dog Handler Paul Chisholm and Bella, were up on the moors above Horwich at Wilderswood, conducting their usual Thursday weekly night time training.

Paul was helped by Bolton MRT colleague Chris Weatherhead, with Paul’s daughter Courtney and her friend Lilly kindly playing the role of an ‘exercise bodies’ for Bella to scent upon.

Today our Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson, with Trailing Search Dog Boris, and colleague Bolton MRT member Elaine Gilliland (Who acts as Steve’s navigator on operational calls) set off to attend the SARDA Wales monthly training weekend in North Wales.

Alongside their membership of Bolton MRT, Steve is a member of SARDA Wales whilst Elaine is an Honorary member of SARDA Wales.