Incident 49/2014

This morning at circa 10.00hrs, on their first full day of this months SARDA Wales training weekend, Bolton MRT team member Steve Nelson (Trailing Search Dog Handler) and colleague Bolton MRT member Elaine Gilliland were contacted to assist Cumbria Constabulary and MRTs, with a search in Little Langdale, Cumbria, for a missing 21 years old male.

At he time of their being contacted, Steve, Elaine and Trailing Search Dog Boris, were in the Ogwen Valley about to commence a search exercise with SARDA Wales and Ogwen Valley MRO members

They returned to their Rydd Dhu, Snowdonia, base for the weekend, and then travelled up to meet at the search RVP.
Just upon arrival in Langdale, at circa 14.00hrs, they were stood down with the search for the missing male resolved.

This search had involved Coniston MRT, Langdale Ambleside MRT, and Cumbria Constabulary Officers and Police Dog assets.

Please also see LAMRT website, Incident 31-2014 and Coniston MRT website, Incident 16-2014.

Steve, Elaine (and Boris) all decided to stay in the Lakes for a spot of hill walking.
(On their way up to the Lakes, Steve received a call from a PDMRO Dog Handler colleague for possible Trailing Search Dog assistance with a search developing in the Goyt Valley, Romiley area, at GMPs instigation. This search went on to involve GMP, Kinder MRT, 1x SARDA Air Scenting Dog team, and 12x members of the PDMRO Joint Water Group)