Incidents galore around Wayoh Reservoir for this evenings weekly training exercise

Meeting at Batridge Road car park between Turton and Entwistle and Wayoh Reservoirs, this warm sunny evening saw team members assemble for a ‘round robin’ casualty exercise around the top end of Wayoh Reservoir.
Three exercise casualty sites challenged the twenty five team Call Out list members taking part this evening in a small number of parties.

Organised by our Training Officer Neil “why have one exercise casualty when many will do” Warburton, and under the control of Paul Copley, the parties were sent out to the three exercise casualty locations.

Each had an experienced and appropriate team member overseeing the location; Team Doctor Mark Jeffrey, with exercise casualty and colleague team member Michael Eddleston, presented all with a serious leg fracture to deal with.

Fellow Team Doctor Richard Moss, oversaw Support Group member Iain Clarkson mimic an Angina condition, whilst Alistair Greenough (A Senior Accident and Emergency Nurse) presented arriving team members with two young teenage boys, one of whom had witnessed the other have a serious mountain bike ‘accident,’ resulting in a head injury, knee and leg injury and shoulder injury! (Thanks to Tom Warburton the 14 year old son of our Training Officer Neil Warburton, once again for his acting skills, and Tom’s friend; Henry for playing the role very convincingly of having witnessed a nasty accident)

Tonight saw the local midges on their first evening of the year starting to disrupt us with their biting (Midge Nets and Repellents to hand for next week!)

We would like to thank the many passing runners, mountain bikers and walkers who had to step around us at some of the exercise sites and for their kind words of support in the work we do in the local area.

At the end of tonight’s excellent exercise the Cross Guns at Egerton beckoned.

Next weeks exercise has as its scenario a ‘typical for us’ urban rescue including a difficult to access location.