Team receives in to service new Team issue Climbing Helmets

In late 2006, our Team Council decided for the first time to purchase individual climbing helmets for all the team call out list membership, to standardise on this vital piece of team equipment rather than relying on team members to supply their own as has happened previously, with all the variations that brought with it.

Thanks to a fantastic donation at the time from Visual Verification, we ordered fifty Petzl Ecrin Roc Red coloured climbing helmets from Campcraft Limited of Bolton, which were subsequently issued to all operational team members on Monday 18th December 2006.

With the passage of time and use, we had to replace these helmets recently, and our Team Equipment Officer – Ropes and Stretchers, Mike O’Brien, ended up liaising directly with Lyon Equipment Limited of Old Tebay, Penrith, for a replacement order.

At a total cost of £2,819.38p (Including a VAT element of £469.90p) last week we took delivery of fifty six Petzl Alveo Vent helmets from Lyon Equipment Limited, which were issued to all our operational Call Out list members this evening.

The helmets are to a standardised ‘mountain rescue’ specification in colour (White with orange side flashes) and badge work (carrying our Team Badge / MREW logo on the rear)

Designed for work at height, rescue, climbing and mountaineering, these latest generation helmets are lighter in weight than our previous helmets, and distinctively marked.

The team would like to thank Lyon Equipment Limited for their very kind and appreciated support of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team in our placing of this order.

Six of these new helmets will now be placed individually with each of our six full weight Casualty Bags, for use by casualties when so needed, and for use by exercise casualties, again when so needed.

A donation of £682.00 from Bank Street Unitarian Chapel, Bolton, has greatly assisted us in making this purchase (Please see in this respect, website ‘News’ report dated Tuesday 13th May 2014)

We believe that in terms of the equipment we issue to all our call out list members, we are the most comprehensively personally equipped Mountain Rescue team in the UK, such is the value we place in our members who so freely give up their time to participate in the activities of the team.

Please also see website ‘News’ report dated Thursday 14th December 2006.