Team hosts a visit from 1099 Worsley Squadron Air Training Corps

Tonight the team was pleased to host a visit of 8 cadets and their instructor from 1099 Worsley Squadron Air Training Corps.

The cadets met team members Steve Fletcher (Equipment Officer Comms & Lighting) and Mike Marsh (Callout contact). The squadron are studying for their Communications Badge and specifically visited the team to find out about how Bolton MRT uses communications technology whilst operating.

With Steve (incumbent EO Comms & Lighting) and Mike (a previous holder of this post) presenting, the cadets learned about how the team uses VHF 2-way radio, message pagers, Airwave radios, the Internet and not forgetting the “Mark One Voice Box” to fulfil all of its communication needs.

Of course no communications study would be complete without the traditional tin can and string, which was the highlight of the evening for the cadets – to quote most of them – “it really works!” (and yes, the Bolton MRT really does have its own tin can and string communications equipment, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice!)


The cadets also enjoyed a quick tour of the equipment carried on the team vehicles, followed by a demonstration of a radio check with Greater Manchester Police (with thanks to the GMP Force Duty Officer for obliging!)

After a question & answer session about “all things comms”, the cadets and their instructor departed, some probably with their heads overflowing with too much information!