Team Air Scenting Search Dog training this evening

Tonight on this relatively cold feeling evening, Trainee Air Scenting Search Dog Handler Paul Chisholm with his Trainee Search Dog Bella, was at one of his regular training venues, that of the Two Lads area, on the moors above Horwich.

Team colleagues and fellow Call Out list members Chris Weatherhead and our Life Vice President Alan James assisted with the training by acting as ‘exercise bodies’ for Paul Chisholm and Bella.

Also present this evening was Bolton MRT team Call Out list member Jess Ellsmore with her dog Blitz.

Jess with Blitz, has just applied to SARDA England, with the support of our team, to enter in to training (As Paul Chisholm and Bella is currently involved in) as an Air Scenting Mountain Rescue Dog Handler.

Jess currently regularly attends SARDA England monthly training activities as an ‘exercise body’ for the dog handlers and their dogs to find.

Regular readers will know that we also have Sasha, a Trainee Drowned Victim Search Dog, with her handler Dave Marsh, in the very final stages of training leading up to grading for operational duties very soon this summer.

Dave Marsh formerly operated as a Air Scenting Mountain Rescue Search dog handler with the Bolton MRT, with Search Dog Chi.

Operational within the Bolton team is Mountain Rescue Trailing Dog Boris with his Handler Steve Nelson.

Keep watching our website for news of our search dog training and operational activities.