Very kind donation from valued team friend and supporter, Jean Mulvaney

Today our Team Secretary, Gillian Gregory, visited our dear friend and supporter, Jean Mulvaney, to receive the remaining balance of £25.00 in her charity fund which she wished to donate to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

As reported within our website ‘News’ section on 4th April 2014, Jean is undergoing treatment for a serious illness, and has now given up her leadership and involvement in the Victory Stompers Line Dancing Club to concentrate on her health.

With charity line-dancing events held since 2010 by Jean, her friends and fellow line-dancers, the absolutely fantastic sum of £3,142.83 has been raised in total for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

The entire team membership wishes to express sincere thanks to Jean and all who have contributed to achieving this amazing amount and we offer Jean our very best wishes for the future.

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