Condolences to the late Jim Duffy, Oldham MRT

“A great friend to many who will be sadly missed.”

It is with great sadness that we and others in the mountain rescue community heard yesterday that Jim Duffy of Oldham MRT had passed away suddenly.

The following was posted by Oldham Mountain Rescue Team earlier today:

“It’s with great sadness that the Team have to announce the sudden death of Jim Duffy, a young 57 and one of our long serving Team members.

Jim joined Oldham Team back in 1980 after moving to the area from Derby, before then he’d been a member of Derby MRT since the age of 17.

Jim was an active member from day one and took on the role as Oldham’s Team Leader in 1986 which he held for 6 years.

As you can imagine we’re all in shock at loosing someone like Jim at such a young age.

Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.”

Jim was well known to many of our older team members and a sprinkling of our newer members, who had made his friendship and acquaintance on joint exercises, jointly attended missing person search operations in Greater Manchester, many jointly attended meetings with GMP in his tenure as Oldham MRT Team Leader and the Oldham MRT ‘weekend.’

A few of our members also recall Jim’s presence on the Holyhead Coastguard Cliff Rescue Course, and at many Mountain Rescue Conferences, where as we all got older perhaps the drunken japes he was always involved in became a little more subdued!

Jim along with other Oldham MRT members many years ago was kind enough to spend a fair amount of time with us personally imparting his rope work knowledge to us, but he also imparted his humour, friendship, support and many a kind word.

For a time Jim was a school teacher at Thornleigh Salesian School in Bolton, and here we have another link, in that Jim taught our current Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh, when he was a pupil at the same school, Chris fondly remembering Jim as a kindly teacher.

We’ll miss Jim in the mountain rescue community, and all in Bolton Mountain Rescue Team add our condolences to those already expressed by a great many who were lucky enough to have known Jim.