Team Navigation Training

Today team members Alistair Greenough, Sam McKay, Diane Blakeley, Mike Wakerley, Paul Copley and Probationer Gary Melia, along with Paul’s friend Heath Doran and Alfie the dog planned to go to North Wales to walk up Mount Snowdon.

As the weather forecasts continued to show some extremely poor weather with the possibility of thunder and lightning, it was decided that the group would stay within Bolton Team’s area and use the poor visibility and rain for navigation practice.


The training took place on the moors around Winter Hill Mast with members taking it in turns to take the lead. Points were selected off main paths, to allow members opportunities to test their navigation skills using a compass and “leapfrogging” which is particularly useful in bad weather.

It was an enjoyable day even if the weather conditions were at times very poor. Once back at base some members stayed to practise their rope skills.


Hopefully the members can re-plan their trip to Snowdon soon.