Team provides standby rescue cover for Edgworth Community Fundraiser 5 km / 10 km Race, Turton and Entwistle and Wayoh Reservoirs

Today departing at 10.00hrs, team call out list members journeyed from our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to various locations around the Turton and Entwistle Reservoir and Wayoh Reservoir at Edgworth, to provide standby rescue cover for a Community Fundraiser 5km / 10 km Race, which commenced at 11.00hrs.

Organised by Michelle Ludwig and Tracy Gee, both of Enriched Events, the races today were a duel fundraiser for Mistletoe Cancer UK and the Barlow in Edgworth.


Mistletoe is helping a local woman with terminal cancer to extend her days to reach her goal of seeing her young son begin school in September. Rowena has truly embraced her fate and taken a positive spin on keeping her memory alive for her son by writing cards for him for every birthday and every milestone in his life.

In total 26 of our Call Out list members attended today, in all four of our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances, which were situated around the race routes.

Our participation was co-ordinated by our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh, and long serving experienced team member Neil Aspinall, with local knowledge support provided by Team member and Edgworth resident John Dickinson, all based in our Incident Control vehicle which was situated near at the event finish.


Given the proximity of parts of todays race route to the shorelines of the reservoirs, we also had available on scene our 3.5m semi- rigid inflatable SAR Boat, with appropriately equipped members of our integral ‘water team’ on hand.

In total 262 very keen runners took part in todays races, in warm dry conditions, thankfully, other than a few minor injuries,  no incidents occurred today which warranted our attention.

The races were judged a success and the organisers were very grateful for the teams involvement.

Meanwhile, four of our Support Group members, Gillian Gregory, Iain Clarkson, Sarah Hindle and Dave Rees, went to the associated Family Fun Day at The Barlow, Edgworth to man our Bolton Mountain Rescue Team stall, to be joined by other team members when the 5K and 10K races finished.

Also present at the Fun Day was Bolton MB Council’s climbing wall, Lancashire Constabulary information stand, various attractions for the children, a bowling match, a toddlers’ race, and entertainment provided by an excellent group of musicians/singers.

In total 7 call out list members attended the Fun Day, displaying our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance, call sign BM1 and team minibus BM5. Although the event was held to raise money for The Barlow and the Mistletoe for Cancer UK charity, generous donations by kind members of the public to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team totalled £22.65.

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