Team attends the sixth meeting of of the Lancashire Fire Operations Group

This afternoon our Team equipment Officer – Medical, Nigel Booth (In full time, a GMFRS Watch Manager at Bolton North Fire Station) journeyed to the Abbeystead Estate meeting in an excellent venue of the Over Wyresdale Village Hall.

The following report has been submitted by Nigel:

We were welcomed with a tea or coffee and a buffet lunch by Group Manager Shaun Walton of Lancashire Fire and Rescue who also chaired the meeting.

This meeting as regular readers will remember, serves to bring all those who would be involved in wildfire fire fighting operations in Lancashire, together under the direction of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.

The meeting was well represented by members of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Lancashire Constabulary, Ranger and Country Side Services, United Utilities, The Environment Agency and The Estate manager and Ranger.

Following the completion of the agenda items which included many proactive measures in incident prevention and the initial proposals of 2 exercises the group moved outdoors.

Rob Foster of the Abbeyfield Estate drove us up the hill side and then explained the principals of heather management, water supplies were pointed out as well as a demonstration of the 8 wheel Argocat.

On returning to the village hall we concluded the meeting with a brew and cake.