Trainee Search Dog News

One route team members can choose to take after being a member of a Mountain Rescue Team for a few years, is to train a search dog in conjunction with our friends at SARDA. We are pleased to announce another team member is choosing to take this path in their continuing mountain rescue career.

Jess Ellsmore writes:

On Friday the 6th of June Blitz and I travelled up to a Regional SARDA course in Carlton in Cleveland expecting to have a weekend of training in puppy class. However as Friday’s training session went well it was suggested that on the Saturday we would have ago at a Registration and Stock test and I’m extremely pleased to announce that we PASSED both!!! Not bad for a collie pup that’s only 7 months old.

We enjoyed our first taste of Stage 1 training on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning and we are both really looking forward to all the training to come!!

Official picture of Blitz with his shiny new “trainee SARDA dog” tag will follow in the next few days.


Wags and licks from “Trainee Search dog/puppy Blitz”

Bolton Mountain Rescue currently has 3 dogs at various stages of their career:

  • SARDA (Wales) graded Trailing Search dog Boris with handler Steve Nelson
  • Trainee Drowned Victim Search Dog Sasha with handler Dave Marsh
  • Trainee air-scenting Search Dog Bella with handler Paul Chisholm

Congratulations to Blitz (and Jess) from all within Bolton MRT.