Incident 62/2014

Whilst returning from Jim Duffy’s funeral (See below ‘News’ report) three team members in our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance, radio call sign ‘Bolton Mobile 1,’ stopped to assist at a two vehicle RTC on the M60 motorway, in the vicinity of the Middleton turn off at 18.00hrs early this evening.

The incident had left the two vehicles dangerously in the outside lane, and parking our vehicle in a fend off position, it was quickly ascertained that thankfully only metal work was damaged.


A recovery low loader flatbed also protected the scene, which with the quick arrival of a GMP Motorway Patrol Vehicle, then led to the motorway being completely closed by the Police Officer, whilst our three members and the recovery vehicle driver moved both damaged vehicles across the other two lanes and on to the hard shoulder.

Once the recovery vehicle and our Land Rover had moved on to the relative safety of the hard shoulder, the motorway was quickly reopened at 18.10hrs.

Involved was our Team President Bob Hutchinson, Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and team member Diane Blakeley.