Kind Facebook comments regards Incident 56 – 2014

On Friday evening, 6th June 2014, we attended a serious mountain bike incident at Clifton Country Park, Swinton, involving a injured 50 years old male rider (See website ‘News’ report)

Not previously published within our website are the following kind comments received on Saturday 7th June regarding this incident ;

From Glyn Berry, a nearby fisherman who helped so much at this incident, who tweeted;

“@ Bolton MRT thanks guys for the help on Clifton Marina last night, should be proud of yourselves. Job well done.”

From Nikkie Mahoney, who posted on Facebook ;

“Thank you all for coming out so quickly and giving up your free time.

Niall is currently in the Trauma clinic. He has a compressed spine and will need an operation. Not sure what will happen after that!

But it has reminded many of us how dangerous mountain biking is. Always ride within your capability and with a helmet. I doubt he would have survived without it.”

And the final word (for now) from Daniel Craig, who posted on Facebook ; “Heroes!”