Incident 66/2014

Whilst still in North Wales at the conclusion of their search assisting North Wales Police – see Incident 65, our specialist Mountain Rescue Trailing Dog Handler Steve Nelson and his Trailing Search Dog Boris, along with Bolton MRT colleague Elaine Gilliland in her usual role of assisting Steve on operational incidents with navigation and other help, were contacted by Bowland Pennine MRT to assist with a search in Silverdale, Lancashire, for a missing 76 years old lady.

They immediately journeyed north to Silverdale, arriving at circa midnight, to join Bowland Pennine MRT members and SARDA resources in a developing search operation.

Steve, Elaine and Boris commenced a search finishing at circa 03.00hrs on Sunday morning, 29th June.

Following a short break, the second phase of the search commenced at 09.00hrs, with Steve, Elaine and Boris once more tasked to the search.

Resources today also included once again Bowland Pennine MRT, LFRS assets, Lancashire Constabulary, NPAS Warton – who conducted a low level search, Lake District Search Dogs and Kendal MSRT.

By 15.00hrs Steve, Elaine and Boris had finished their search taskings, and returned home by 16.30hrs.

This same afternoon, Air Scenting Mountain Rescue Search Dog Ani and her Handler Bill of Lake District Search Dogs and Kendal MSRT, successfully located uninjured, the missing lady.