Incident 69/2014 – search at Oldham Edge

On Friday evening 11th July, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was contacted directly by Peter Hyde of Oldham MRT, at 22.03hrs to enquire as to the availability of our specialist mountain rescue Trailing Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson, and of course Boris, to join with Oldham MRT in the developing search for a missing 31 years old man in the Oldham Edge area of Oldham, in circumstances giving GMP concern for his welfare.

Unfortunately Steve and Boris were not available, and at 22.37hrs, Garry our Team Leader was informed the Bolton MRT may be requested to join in the search on Saturday 12th July.

During this Friday evening phase of the search, we understand 18x Oldham MRT members deployed, including their Team Leader Mick Nield who also acted in his capacity as a Search Dog handler with his Search Dog Bob.

This morning, Saturday 12th July, at 11.36hrs, Mick Nield the Team Leader of Oldham MRT contacted our Team Leader Gary, to request assistance from Bolton MRT, in the continuation of this search operation.

Our response was co-ordinated by our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh, who further liaised with Mick Nield, and at 12.12hrs made a full pager Call Out.

At 13.50hrs our Land Rover radio call sign ‘Bolton Mobile 3’ departed our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ for the Search RVP in Oldham, with team members DTL Chris Greenhalgh, Chris Tennant, David Crawford and Mark Scott attending on board.

Arriving on scene at circa 14.23hrs, they were quickly briefed, and ‘joined’ forces with Cheshire SART members also present, to search jointly their allocated area.

Also involved in assisting Oldham MRT and GMP, besides our members and those of Cheshire Search and Rescue Team, were personnel from Holme Valley MRT and Rossendale and Pendle MRT (Who were then called out to another incident)

In total we understand 39x MRT / SRT members were involved in todays search operation.

With our allocated search area drawing to a conclusion, at circa 15.30hrs, three further Bolton MRT members ; Steve O’Hara, Diane Blakeley and Mike O’Brien, were stood down as not required.

At approximately 16.40hrs, our four members present were requested by Oldham MRT Control, alongside other search assets to immediately redeploy to a climbing accident at Laddow Rocks, in the Peak District (See website ‘News’ report, Incident 70)
Further details on this search incident can be found within the website and Facebook site of Oldham MRT.