Team members get to know Clifton Country Park this evening

Clifton Country Park to the north east of Swinton, alongside the River Irwell, has been the scene of a recent team rescue incident on Friday 6th June involving a seriously injured mountain biker, and a search operation by the team on Thursday 12th June.

This evening, in an exercise organised and planned by our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh and team member Phil Crook, thirteen team Call Out list members, Probationary team member Gary Melia and Support Group member Steve James, were all given an opportunity to get to know Clifton Country Park that little bit more by way of an orienteering exercise.

The competitive nature of the team members taking part soon came to the fore, whilst Chris and Phil back at control further tested those taking part by a radio quiz – including triage card colours, and MREW drugs use protocols.

A fun night was had by all this very warm sunny evening, with the members present retiring at the exercise conclusion to the nearby Unity Brook Tavern at Kearsley.