Absolutely fantastic donation news from Lowton St Mary’s School, Newton Road, Lowton

On Thursday afternoon 3rd October 2013, a visit took place to Year 6, Lowton St Mary’s Primary School, Newton Road, Lowton, by our Team President Bob Hutchinson and Life Vice President Tony McNally, to give the young pupils an oversight into the work of the Team.

The young pupils at Lowton St Mary’s Primary School have been very kindly supporting the Bolton Mountain Rescue

Team for many years now, and this was our latest visit to the school to see all our many friends to take place.

The pupils at the school are split into 4 houses and once again Raleigh House informed Bob and Tony during their visit that they had very kindly chosen Bolton MRT as their charity for the year.

Today we are extremely pleased to announce the receipt of a kind letter and a wonderful £200.00 donation from Lowton St Mary’s School.

In a very neatly handwritten letter accompanying this kind and generous donation received by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, school pupil Molly Bennet, Raleigh House Captain, stated;

“Dear Bolton mountain Rescue team, I am writing to tell you that this year our school has been raising money for various charities.

We chose to support you and have managed to raise £200.00 for Bolton Mountain Rescue.

We wish to continue to support you next year.”

This is a truly fantastic donation for which all the membership of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team are very grateful.

We welcome the kind and continuing support of the Bolton MRT by the great pupils at Lowton St Mary’s School, who it needs to be recorded also raise a great deal for other worthy charities.

Combined with this latest donation It should be mentioned to all our readers that over the last few years the children at Lowton St Mary’s Primary School, have raised the amazing figure of over £1,000.00 for the Team, an effort for which we are all very grateful.

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