Incident 71/2014

Early this afternoon, at 13.30hrs, our Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson, (A member of SARDA Wales) received a SARDA availability request to assist in a search in the Calder Valley MRTs operational area for a missing male in the north Halifax area.

Whilst responding to this call and on his way to collect Trailing Search Dog Boris and meet Bolton MRT colleague member Elaine Gilliland, who acts as his navigator, Steve also received a call from North Yorkshire Police to assist in a search for a vulnerable Missing From Home woman aged 58 in Ripon.

Steve and Elaine decided to proceed with the Halifax search incident whilst North Yorkshire Police  continued with their enquiries regards the missing woman in Ripon.

Both Steve and Elaine, with Boris, departed their home address at circa 16.15hrs and very quickly received a stand down from Calder Valley MRT / SARDA England, as the missing person had been found by West Yorkshire Police in Halifax.

They then proceeded to Ripon arriving at approximately 18.30hrs, meeting the police for a briefing, when at 18.50hrs North Yorkshire Police received word the missing woman had been found by a member or public in a field about 1 ½ miles from the Place last seen.

As she had been missing for over thirty hours and given the weather conditions Steve and Elaine responded with Police Officers to her location.

On arrival Elaine commenced casualty care and treated the woman who was suffering heatstroke and dehydration until the arrival of an Emergency Ambulance.

Steve, Elaine and Boris all returned home at 21.30hrs.