Thanks received from Belmont Primary School

Regular readers will know that every year we provide standby rescue cover for the Belmont Primary School Winter Hill Sponsored Walk.

Following our usual provision of standby rescue cover for this year’s walk held on Sunday 6th July, Team Call Out list member David Cook who walked the route with the pupils and family members, alongside the school staff also taking part, received recently the following kind letter from the Head Teacher at Belmont Primary school..

David, Thank you for the support given by both yourself and fellow members of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team on Sunday 6th July on the Belmont Primary School winter Hill Sponsored Walk.

In terms of safety in walking the hill, the help of the Mountain Rescue is very important to both staff and families completing the walk, and is much appreciated.

Yours sincerely, J. Peel, Head Teacher.

The Bolton MRT remains committed to supporting Belmont Primary School on this annual event, and will be providing standby rescue cover for the 2015 event.