Very kind donation of Casualty Care revision in Mountain Rescue book to every one of our operational team members with thanks to Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team

As part of his own study for the Casualty Care Certificate in Mountain Rescue course which all mountain rescuers in England and Wales are encouraged to take (And renew every three years), Andy Caple, a team member in Langdale Ambleside MRT, set about making his own notes and observations as an adjunct to the more comprehensive books already in circulation regarding this comprehensive course.

Over a short period of time, this evolved in to a booklet which Andy, a non medical team member was keen to share.

This excellent concept then became accepted within Langdale Ambleside MRTs membership, and in a very kind gesture LAMRT decided to send out single copies to every MRT in England and Wales for their interest, information and comment.

This first edition quickly evolved in to a second and then a third edition, always retaining its excellent easy to understand and refer to content.

Printed on waterproof paper with a wire fold back binding, this excellent book was purchased by many of our team members last year.

In Spring this year LAMRT announced that they had received a bequest, and had decided to do something for the entire MR community with part of this bequest, thereby not just benefitting their own team.

Their very kind offer was to give a copy of the very latest edition dated August 2014 (Edition 4) of the Casualty Care revision in Mountain Rescue book (normal retail price £8.00) to every mountain rescue team member in England and Wales.

Such a generous offer was made via our national magazine, ‘mountain rescue’ issue 48, Spring 2014 edition.

Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, along with colleague Bolton MRT team members Mark Scott and Alistair Greenough, already impressed with the earlier versions of this book in their possession, immediately placed an order for all our membership.

Today we are very pleased to announce the receipt of fifty copies of Edition 4, August 2014, Casualty Care revision in Mountain Rescue, for every single one of our team operational membership.

(Thirty six other MREW MRTs took up this very kind offer from Langdale Ambleside MRT)

The entire Bolton MRT membership would like to extend its sincere thanks to all at Langdale Ambleside MRT who decided to use a part of their bequest in this very generous way to benefit all in mountain rescue.

We would also once again like to thank Andy Caple of LAMRT for his brilliant idea which grew in to this excellent book and to all who aided and assisted Andy in transforming his idea, notes and information in to the worthy publication we have received today.

Every one of our current operational membership team members will now have at their disposal this fantastic reference guide.