Belthorn Village Fun Day

This afternoon John Dickinson, Tony Dawson, Chris Tennant, Michael Eddleston, Paul Brain and Alan ‘General’ James, together With Di James and Maggie Allred, partners of Alan and Paul respectively,  travelled to the Belthorn Village Fun Day held at The Dog Inn, at the kind invitation of Jim Fletcher BEM.

Regular readers will know that the team has been supported for a number of years by our good friend Jim from “The Shed”, Belthorn, Darwen.

Jim Fletcher 2014

Despite the dull day and threatening rain, the team Land Rovers, BM1 and BM4 (named in honour of Jim Fletcher BEM) attracted interest from a number of people who wanted to sit in the Land Rovers, or have a demonstration of the equipment we carry aboard our Land Rovers.


Belthorn 300814 1d

Jim very kindly presented the team with an amazing £500 personal donation, in addition the team collected £17.91 from other visitors.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too good, wet and windy. The Dog Inn had put on food and a BBQ. (Team members got a free hot dog each with our thanks to The Dog Inn). All present had live entertainment in the form of a male singer inside the premises.

We had the only display on the car park outside which did attract a few visitors, especially children. We did a stretcher carry round the car park, with the landlady of The Dog Inn acting as exercise casualty.

The entire team members extends its grateful thanks to Jim and the Belthorn Committee for the invitation to attend and their continued support for the team’s work.

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