Red takes over from Dark Blue, which in turn took over from Sky Blue!

In the teams very early days a solitary cloth badge constituted the teams uniform / identity.

In June 1985, a Team woollen sweater was introduced in to the membership, dark blue with two light blue chest stripes ….. and current team member Mike Marsh and our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE still have theirs – and what’s more Garry occasionally still wears his!

Dark blue cotton sweatshirts came next in August 1985, and in May 1995 came a cotton ‘summer shirt / polo shirt,’ in sky blue with a white BMRT logo.

More clothing followed, gradually building up the very comprehensive PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Clothing we now issue to all our members.

But back to those summer shirts …. by August 2003 the sky blue cotton shirts had changed to dark blue, and stayed much the same up to date, as the standard team base layer, ok for lectures and general wear, but lacking any great thermal properties as a ‘base layer’ for operational team duties.

Recently the Team Council decided upon the purchase for every team operational and Support Group member of a thermal base layer t-shirt, replacing our cotton dark blue shirts as the teams base layer clothing.

Today team members started to be issued with their new thermal t-shirts, which are in an eye catching red (MREW colours) with the MREW / Bolton MRT logo very prominently displayed on the right hand side arm, and left side front chest, whilst the wording MOUNTAIN RESCUE in large white letters is displayed on the back.

This purchase and free issue to every team member has cost the team £350.00, with most team members having ordered at least one more red thermal t-shirt and paid for such themselves.

If any of our kind readers would wish to sponsor this £350.00 purchase we would acknowledge such kindness within our website and our associated Facebook and Twitter sites.

Keep watching our website for news soon of the replacement of our cotton sweatshirts with a Keela Thermal top, again in red with prominent MREW / Bolton MRT logo’s.