Team shortlisted for Lloyds Community Fund award

Bolton Mountain Rescue Team needs your vote in the Lloyds Bank Community Fund

Bolton MRT has been shortlisted for the Lloyds Bank Community Fund 2014 in the north-Bolton / Blackburn area.

By encouraging the public to vote, Bolton MRT has a chance to be awarded a grant of up to £3,000 from Lloyds Bank to enable it to continue doing good work in the community.

The team was very kindly nominated for this award by Lloyds employee Jane Crook, whom we rescued way back in August 1999, following a fall from her mountain bike in Lever Park, Rivington.

The Lloyds Bank Community Fund was set up to help local people across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man to have a positive impact at the heart of their community by giving grants to up to 1,400 local good causes in 350 communities.

There are four good causes shortlisted in each community and Lloyds Bank is inviting everyone to vote for the causes they’d most like to support.

As a result of Jane’s, and nominations from others, the Lloyds Community Fund have shortlisted three other local charities within the Blackburn/Bolton community area.


Members of the public can vote for their preferred community group on-line, by SMS or Twitter, or in a branch of Lloyds bank from 2 September to 10 October 2014. The local good cause that receives most votes in each community will receive an award of £3,000, with the other groups receiving £2,000, £1,000 or £500 depending on the votes received.

You can find out more about the Community Fund and Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and cast your vote by visiting the Lloyds Bank Community Fund website