New team publicity material

For a great many years we have given away at team displays a team sticky badge to all who have kindly wanted to display such.

In the form of a simple blue and white roundel ‘Bolton Mountain Rescue Team sticky label badge’ the original design has served us well, through many printings.

Our Support Group has now redesigned this sticky badge, to encompass the MREW / Joint Bolton MRT logo, to a rectangular sticky label design in white, blue and red, having arranged for 20,000 to be printed at £322.80p from Compass Art Bolton …. look out for our new badges at our next public display.

Our new free issue, full colour team leaflet, has also been reprinted, with a second print run of 200x from A Print Evolution of Bolton costing us £98.00 (Please see website ‘News’ report dated Tuesday 6th august 2013)

Copies of this leaflet can also be downloaded directly from our website homepage.

Finally on the theme of team publicity material, a new Team Christmas Card design for Christmas 2014 sales, has been printed and is available in ‘Sale packs’ from our Support Group or directly from the team at team displays.