Report on GMFRS Bolton North Community Fire Station Open Day of Saturday 20th September 2014

GMFRS Bolton North Community Fire Station, located on Crompton Way, Bolton, is where we base / garage our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance, radio call sign ‘Bolton Mobile 1,’ with grateful thanks to GMFRS.

Team member Nigel Booth, our Equipment Officer – Medical, is also based here, where he works as a GMFRS Watch Manager.
So it is apt and appropriate that for the fire stations Open Day event on Saturday, 20th September, the team  attended alongside others, to display the work of the team.


The open Day commenced at 10.30hrs upto late afternoon.

Present from the team were Call Out list members including ; Trainee Team member Gary Melia, Trainee DVSD Dog Handler Dave Marsh with Trainee DVSD Search Dog Sasha, Matthew Hailwood, John Dickinson, Phil Horner, Chris Weatherhead, Michael Eddleston, Diane Blakeley, Sam McKay, and three of our Support Group members ; Iain Clarkson, Dave Rees and Laura Tunnicliffe.


Alongside the based ‘Bolton mobile 1’ Land Rover, and its comprehensive search and rescue equipment carried on board, we also had on display our minibus / crewbus Ford Transit Ambulance, radio call sign ‘Bolton Mobile 5.’

GMFRS had on display the Bolton North Community Fire Station based Fire Appliances, an Aerial Ladder Platform, their ‘Disco and bubbles’ childrens Fire Engine and their mini children’s Fire Engine.


The Greater Manchester Fire Museum was present along with a vintage Fire Appliance, whilst Greater Manchester Police had on display a Motorway Patrol BMW, amongst other attractions and stalls.


With many grateful thanks to the large number of visitors who attended, the team received £88.07p in Team Christmas card sales, kind donations made directly and at our second hand book stall.

The team would like to thank Station Manager Wayne Guffogg  for inviting us to attend this Open Day, and showcase the teams work within the local community.