Full report on visit yesterday evening to our Base / HQ by 82nd Blackrod Guides

Yesterday evening, Monday 29th September, we welcomed a visit to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ by the 82nd Blackrod Guides and their Leaders.

Greeting them were team Call Out list members Gill Leigh, Martin Battersby, Matthew Hailwood, John Dickinson and our mountain rescue air scenting trainee search dog handler Jess Ellsmore and her trainee search dog Blitz.

Team member Martin Battersby has made the following report on the visit:

“On Monday evening 29th of September Team Call Out list members Gill Leigh, Matthew Hailwood, Martin Battersby, John Dickinson, Jess Ellsmore and trainee member Blitz (our trainee search dog) were pleased to welcome to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, eighteen members in total of 82nd Blackrod, Bolton Girl Guides including two of their leaders Christine Ramsdale & Jane Carmen.

Matthew began the evening with a short introduction on who we are and what we do followed by a video outlining the work of the team, then went outside for a very popular demonstration from Jess & Blitz and how he is trained to find a missing person. (In this case three guides)

The group were then shown and demonstrated one of one of our Land Rovers and of course the sirens and flashing blue lights!

The group were then shown our Bell Mountain Rescue Stretcher and a practice “casualty” guide was fitted with a leg vacuum splint.

The girls then had a go at carrying a practice “casualty” after securing and fastening her in. (With John and Martin at each end for safety)

On returning indoors the Guides then had a thorough look at the contents or our first aid trauma sacks, with Mathew demonstrating some of our medical equipment.

Finally a question and answer session with John & Martin. When we were asked if the service was voluntary we confirmed this and several of the guides made a touching, personal donation and with a donation from the Guides and a personal donation from one of the leaders this came to a fantastic £35.00.

Throughout the evening the guides were very polite, well-behaved and asked some interesting questions. Some even wanted to join !

They confirmed they had found the evening entertaining and now know a lot more about Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

We welcome them back anytime.”