Team membership recruitment – latest update

With the opening of our team once more to operational membership recruitment, as a result of our having a limited number of current vacancies, we published a website ‘News’ item on Tuesday 9th September 2014.

We can report that to date we have now received eleven positive applications, all of whom were sent an email reply on the late evening of Wednesday 1st October 2014 or today.

These interested persons include a Structural Engineer, an Accident and Emergency Nurse, a Dental Technician, an Operations Director, a Trainee Teacher, a retired Police Officer a retired college lecturer, an Accident and Emergency Doctor, a Facilities Manager, an Operations Manager and a Construction Trade Student, with ages ranging from 18 to 54.

All are of course experienced hill walkers, with some having additional outdoor experience such as Mountaineering abroad, trekking, Kayaking, caving and rock climbing.

Over this same period we have also had some other related tentative membership enquiries.

Please note that our 2014 Recruitment Intake will shortly be closing for applications, so

If you are interested in joining us, please view our Recruitment News feature within our ‘News’ pages dated Tuesday 9th September 2014, and the ‘News’ reports dated Thursday 11th, Saturday 13th, Tuesday 16th and Monday 29th September 2014.