Team weekly ‘training’ evening

Somewhat confusingly, though we refer to our Wednesday night weekly meeting as our training meeting, its not always training that takes place ! Tonight (see associated reports) we had a visit by some team friends and an SGM.

Following the conclusion of our SGM all members present then split in to small work groups to check over our very comprehensive team search and rescue kit items, making sure everything is where it should be, batteries are all ok, kit is clean and contents are correct ….. as ever, despite clear labelling as to where it should be, a piece of equipment (and we must have hundreds of items) namely one of our lightweight Casualty Bags has decided to go and hide somewhere !

Other members were involved in team administrative matters, including our regular driving licence checks, Team financial matters and pre planning for our forthcoming Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue weekend.

In all thirty five team Call Out list members were in attendance this evening carrying out these taskings.