Visit yesterday evening to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ by the Hailwood family

Yesterday evening, Wednesday 8th October 2014, at 18.20hrs we were very honoured to receive as guests at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, Mr Mike and Mrs Janet Hailwood and their daughter Becky (Rebecca) all in the company of their son Matthew, who has been a team Call Out list member for the last seven years, from when he first joined the team aged 17.

On Saturday 28th June 2014, we reported within our website, the receipt of twenty eight very kind and sincere donations all made in the memory of the late Mrs Marjorie Anderton.

Marjorie Anderton was the dearly loved Grandmother of long serving Team call Out list current member Matthew and his sister Becky.

One very large donation was very sincerely made by Majories daughter Mrs Janet Hailwood and son-in-law Mr Michael Hailwood, Matthew and Becky’s mum and dad.

In a letter to our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE at the time from the Hailwood family, Janet, Mike, Matthew and Rebecca, Janet explained;

“Dear Garry and the Team. Please kindly accept these donations in memory of my late mum Majorie Anderton in lieu of flowers at her funeral service.”

The donations made in total amounted to £615.00.


The entire team membership expressed at the time, our thanks to the family of the late Mrs Majorie Anderton for their kindness in asking that donations be made in Majorie’s memory to the work of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

As is common in thoughtful donations of this matter, we commissioned a dedication plaque to Majorie’s memory for erection in our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ.

It was to the official unveiling of this dedication plaque that Mike and Janet, and their children, were invited to tonight, being met by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, and assembled operational team members, and Support group member Iain Clarkson.

After this came a big surprise for particularly Janet Hailwood.

As reported within our website on Monday 7th April 2014, this same evening at his home address our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE welcomed a surprise visitor and one well known visitor, bearing a wonderful gift for the team.

Team Call Out member Matthew Hailwood, arrived at Garry’s house in the company of his mum, Janet Hailwood.

Janet wanted to personally hand over a very kind gift to the team, explaining to Garry that in lieu of presents at her recent birthday celebrations (We didn’t disclose which birthday, but its the second time Janet’s celebrated her 25th!) she had asked for donations to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Janet then kindly handed over a very large number of donations amounting to a staggering total of £435.00.

This was an amazing donation, and our thanks at the time were expressed to all of Janet’s family and friends who made such kind personal donations to the team, in lieu of presents at Janet’s birthday.

At tonight’s visit we surprised Janet by also presenting to her and her husband and children present, a plaque to record our thanks to Janet and her family for their support of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team. Janet, Mike and Becky then stayed to be given a tour of our Base / HQ, and discover where their son and brother spends so much of his time !