Our Training Officer Alistair Greenough attends City Airport Manchester – Heliport emergency exercise today

This afternoon, an exercise took place at the Heliport part of City Airport and Heliport Manchester (Barton) to test the emergency procedures in place at the airport.

The scenario of an aircraft incident at the Heliport was played out, with multiple casualties, and participation from the airports own Fire Fighting Services, GMFRS, GMP Officers and PCSOs.

Our newly elected Training Officer Alistair Greenough attended as an observer to represent the Bolton MRT.

Alistair with a considerable professional career behind him as an Accident and Emergency Nurse and as an ISAC / ATACC Instructor, plus his long experience in mountain rescue, placed him in an informed position to observe the exercise as it unfolded.

We would like to thank the Operations staff at City Airport and Heliport Manchester (Barton) for kindly allowing us to send Alistair to observe todays exercise.