Foundation Course 2014. More kind comments, this time from Simon Lane, Team Leader of Cheshire Search and Rescue Team

Received in the very early hours of this morning by our late (as ever) working Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was the following very kind email from the equally late night / early morning working on SAR team business, Team Leader of Cheshire SART, Simon Lane;

“Hi Garry, I know that we speak almost daily and that I have already thanked you for inviting CSAR to the Foundation Course for what I think is the ninth time that we have attended but I wanted to thank you formally on behalf of the team.

As always our members thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned a lot (especially as Saturday was a record breaking fourteen and a half hours long with short breaks).

The feedback that I have had from members is, as always, superb and our recent new intake of members have already put their name down for next years course.

Different members had different favourite parts of the course ranging from the rope exercise on steep ground, the numerous helicopters, HART team and fire service demonstrations, the quality of the MR and external speakers to the quality (and quantity) of the food.

The one consistent comment was a huge appreciation and respect for the generosity of time, commitment and professionalism of all Bolton MRT members and also the mentors and lecturers from other teams and external speakers who gave up their time to pass on their valuable experience.

It is a testament to the quality of the course and the mutual respect and dedication of neighbouring teams that senior members of teams who haven’t had the need to recruit this year or only needed to have a very small intake gave up their weekend to mentor and teach.

Sincere thanks again and speak to you soon.”