Kind thanks to Aiguille Alpine, Staveley, Cumbria

This morning without much notice or prior appointment, our Equipment Officer (Medical) Nigel Booth, journeyed to Aiguille Alpine, of Staveley, Kendal, Cumbria, with a damaged casualty bag, to enquire if it could be left with Aiguille for repair to a damaged heavy duty two way full length access zip.

Adrian Moore of Aiguille Alpine, not only confirmed it could be repaired, but he immediately repaired it there and then, at no cost to the team.

Adrian mentioned to Nigel that this particular casualty bag (One of six we have, all from Aiguille Alpine) is one of his very early models dating back to the late 1980s (Our equipment files will note this)

That it is still in service with us, and the only damage since purchase has been a broken zip over near twenty five years is testament to the excellent construction, robust design and quality of workmanship that typifies Aiguille Alpine products.

Aiguille Alpine, Staveley Mill Yard, Staveley, Kendal, Cumbria.