Wednesday night weekly exercise

Tonight’s weekly training exercise saw seven of our 2014 recruitment intake, put through their last of three recruitment intake sessions with the team tonight, namely a night time navigation exercise with local area familiarisation, within the Terraced Gardens at Rivington, on the flanks of Rivington Moor.

Their training session then culminated in a exercise casualty extraction alongside current operational team members who had been on a separate navigation training exercise on Rivington Moor.

This gave the seven potential new members an opportunity to work alongside their potential future team operational colleagues.

In total twenty four of our current operational team members attended this evening.

The seven new recruits will now embark upon a probationary period lasting at least up the end of January 2015, from which we will then select who will be invited to join the team as ‘Trainee Team members,’ for a year long trainee team membership period.

This same evening, team member Steve O’Hara journeyed to the British Red Cross Offices in Manchester, for the fifth meeting of the Greater Manchester 3rd Sector (Voluntary Agencies) group, alongside Howard of North West 4×4 Response, only to find out that the meeting date previously given had been cancelled for a date later in November – still at least Steve got a chance to speak to Howard about some further 4×4 training opportunities.