Update on the recovery of the young boy injured on Tuesday 28th October 2014 (Incident 87)

Today we were made aware by his mother, of the progressing recovery of the young 12 year old boy injured mountain biking with his brother and father on Thursday 28th October 2014, on the Lyons Den track on the flanks of Darwen Moor.

A text was received by our Equipment Officer – Medical, Nigel Booth, who was present at the incident, parts of which we copy below;

“Hi nigel. This is **** from *****…..im the mum of **** who u and ur mnt team helped rescue him on Darwen moor wk last Tues and he was flown to manch children’s hosp. Sorry not been in touch but we’re still in hosp with **** after he was in icu for a few days and now on a long term neuro rehab ward so it’s been v diff time. We wont be home for goodness knows when as they say they dont know how long ***** recovery will take. To update u as asked… Physically he’ll do well in time. He had fracture to sinus stitches in head n pelvis was nasty but no fracture there. Its been a v hard two wks but thank u so much for all you n the teams efforts. They told us where and how the helmet was dented and the force of it hitting whatever meant if no helmet he wud have died instantly.”

The whole team membership is united in extending its wishes to the boy involved, his mother, father, brother and family, on a continuing steady recovery back to full health.