Probationary Training Session 2 of 8 this evening

Commencing at 19.20hrs at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, all our current seven probationary team members, met for their second probationary training session this evening.

Tonight they were introduced to our team primary operational area, all 800 square kilometres of it, at least on a map anyway!

Garry Rhodes MBE our Team Leader, talked about the incident types that our area ‘generates.’

Our Training Officer Alistair Greenough and Equipment Officer – IT and Communications Steve Fletcher, then gave the probationers an overview of what they would need to take on a rescue incident and a search incident, once they are invited to join the team.

All seven probationary team members were then invited to join in with the team on our forthcoming Sunday 16th November local area exercise, and we all look forward to their enthusiastic participation.